We are about bringing people to JESUS, around the World through the Native Indigenous Christians. Doing Jesus' Great Commission of go and teach in all the World and baptizing them in the Name of the Father, Son & Holly Spirit!

2/18/13 UPDATE: 150 Baptisms

     Native American Christian Church (NACC) producers fruit.
(FYI: the NACC came into being when University Place Christian
Church send a member to preach to Native Americans Aug 31, 2003)
For the past several months the NACC has been encouraging Native
People (Indigenous) around the World to follow the New Testament
Way in worship
and witnessing. It came to the attention of the NACC that Native Peoples
around the world were being told in order to be Baptized or partake in the
sacraments they had wait on a ordained Caucasian Minister to do such. This
is just not the New Testament Way.
The NACC undertook a program to ordain indigenous Christian
believers around the World. The start was with believers in
Pakistan. By proxy from
Illinois through the World Wide Web (internet) the NACC ordained Victor
Sardar in Pakistan.
Victor Sardar just reported the Baptism of 90 souls in Pakistan.
this humble start there soon will be many Indigenous Christian Minister in
Pakistan to fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord JESUS!
The NACC is using this WWW tool to carry out the Great Commission
with the help of University Place Christian Church, Champaign, IL

Our Man in Pakistan  baptizing people in the Arabian Sea.

The Native American Christian Church started in Ravenden Springd, AK and now World wide.

From: Native American Christian Church, 

Spiritual Birth, Aug 31, 2003 on a gravel bar in Jane's Creek near Ravenden Springs, AR during a baptisiemal  service. 

Bishop:  John "Chief AJ" Huffer

Oh now Native Christians we are here to help you develop a New Testament structure of Ordained Christian Ministers and Bishops in your Country. We serve JESUS DIRECT with Power from on High and will help you to be liberated from  limited thinking people holding you back from the gifts of our Heavenly Father!

1. On Aug 31, 2003 on a gravel bar in Jane's creek, 2 miles south of Ravenden Springs, AR during a baptism service JESUS gave the Native American Church a spiritual birth.

2. JESUS, gave the Native Church a Theme:

            A living page of the New Testament

3. JESUS, assigned the Native Church an Angle, Named "Paul", just like in the New Testament.

4. On May 1, 2004, JESUS, gave the Native Church Charter Members. The Charter Members are Heroes of Faith. 

5. On May 2, The Native Church began doing spiritual things for JESUS.  The Native Church ordained our first Native Person "Peace Bear" and sent him forth to great works for JESUS. 

6. Now the Native Church is in full operation worshiping JESUS, with the Master working right with us validating our Message with indisputable evidence, indoors and outdoors around our Fathers Earth.

Contract: Native American Christian Church

POB 131  Tuscola, IL 61953                                       


Bishop John "Chief AJ" Huffer, Preaching


Sermon # 5


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