4/29/14 The New Testament (NT) is your and my inheritance. The NT pages are alive with:

1. What JESUS did for believers.

2. What JESUS is doing for believers.

3. What JESUS will do for believers.

This is the motivation of the the NT so that we may know JESUS.  You & I are to be a Living  Page of the NT. Not that we hope for what we read in the NT that JESUS did for people, but what JESUS is doing for us now! JESUS made people whole body, sole and spirit in the NT and now JESUS makes us whole with strength and health. Physical and metal Divine Health.

Yes is the NT JESUS did punish people, people who were cheating people in Church (Temple). Yes, JESUS did scold people, Religious leaders who were holding back people from His Fathers blessings or empowerments.

You and I are not in that group of cheating people or holding back others from Jesus' deliverance. Yes that is what JESUS is doing now for us, delivering us from weakness, sickness, poverty and metal disease.

We are in JESUS & JESUS is in us. That makes you and me a LIVING PAGE of the NT.